Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunday odds and ends . . .

Walmart: Unfortunately, we always seem to end up there around noon on Sunday - which appears to be the busiest time of the week. They were stocking shelves in the middle of the rush. Pallets and boxes were stacked everywhere. People were queued up about six deep at every checkout. Oh, and a little more than half of the thirty checkouts were closed. Old Sam must be spinning in his grave. He believed in customer service.

Boobage: Don't the rich and famous actresses at the Oscars own a mirror . . . or have a friend? Ladies, strapless gowns are great. But, they should fit. Little rolls of boobage over the front or under your armpits aren't attractive at all. If you want to know how to wear strapless, look at Jessica Alba.

Reege: How tall was the box you had to stand on in order to see eye-to-eye with Miley Cyrus?

Ryan Seacrest: Same question.

Gary Busey: Are you freakin' insane?

Jennifer Garner: I miss "Alias." Oh, and you need to know that Gary Busey is insane.

Songs: Is there a song nominated that I would buy? Nope. No way.

NASCAR: When the minutes of commercials exceed the miles in the race, it's time to reassess.

Monday: I have to fix a project that someone else hosed up, explain adjustments that I didn't make, and add back parts that a blue-ribbon (?) panel removed.

Friday: That's my day off, but I've been requested to attend a meeting.

Positive Note: Daughter and family intend to visit this summer. Yay!