Sunday, April 25, 2010

Arrival . . .

. . . in Bella Napoli

Yep, we're here.

On 20 APR at 2335, we left Virginia on an AMC (military) flight. Five hours later, we stopped at Lajes airbase in the Azores, and wandered around doing nothing while the plane was refueled. Five more hours of flight, and we touched down at Aeroporto Inernazionale de Capodichino in Naples.

We are temporarily assigned officers' quarters - a furnished two-bedroom unit with TV and Internet. It's nice, but definitely government issue. We intend to find a place "outside the wire" as soon as possible. We didn't fly 5,000 miles to live in another American compound.

So far, I have spent about zero time at work. As with any government job, It's paperwork and orientation wall-to-wall.

Unfortunately, we're pretty well held prisoner (pun intended) on the base. Since we haven't obtained our Italian driving privileges - and have no car, by the way - walking and buses are our only means of transport.

On the upside, the commissary and the Naval Exchange are marvelously stocked, and relatively inexpensive.

BTW, for strangers (soto voce: as if anyone reads this blog), I am not a military officer. However, in line with every government's need to use one cookie cutter, everyone, civilian or military, pretty much follows the same procedures.

Oh, and I can see Vesuvio from my office. Cool.