Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Iron Chef Bulldog . . .

. . . requires harmony in the kitchen.

Tonight, I'm cooking Mandarin orange beef with vegetables for Mrs. B, Lisa and TLK. I've also gathered rice, sushi springrolls and a touch of FuKi plum wine.

To ensure harmony, the ingredients are becoming acquainted before preparation. The beef is excluded to prevent diversion of the karmic flow . . . either that, or I forgot to set it out.

Nihonto and hachimaki are not required for Chinese cuisine.

Baconjutsu sensei to yondekure . . .

. . . or words to that effect.

Lisa, Mrs. B and I had BLTs for dinner this evening, and there was simply no other way to prepare them. TLK had, well, whatever TLKs eat, plus watermelon.