Friday, May 02, 2008

Strawberry Fields Forever . . .

. . . No, not the song. The real thing. We just picked up a gallon of them on the way home today. Have one. :o}

We live south of "The Green Line" at the very southeast corner of Virgina Beach. Development is very limited in this zone, and most of the area south of us is farmland. It's also prime strawberry territory, with plenty of rain and sandy soil.

The strawberry harvest has already started, and you just don't find better berries than the ones picked - fully ripe - from the vine.

Every Memorial Day weekend, there is a strawberry festival at a little crossroads named Pungo - about five miles south of our home. It is truly just a crossroads, (check the photos) but about 120,000 visitors show up during the two day festival. We never fight the crowds, but we have at least a month of yummy hand-picked strawberries. Then it's back to the cardboard versions shipped from wherever.