Saturday, November 15, 2008

English double-deckers . . .

. . . may be making a comeback.

No, not that kind.

It seems that England is running out of burial plots, so it looks like twofers are in the offing.

Move over, Sir Winston . . . we've another occupant for you.
LET ME . . .

. . . OUT!

The deadbolt on our storm door locks just fine. Unfortunately, it will not unlock without a significant number of hand tools. That makes going out to use the barbecue grill a bit awkward.

The door is only two years old, made by the best manufacturer of doors and windows in the U.S., but the mechanism is only warrantied for a year.

To add insult to injury, I only need the latching mechanism on the left, which is all that could possibly fail, but I must buy all of the assorted brassworks which easily bolt on.

At least that's what the customer service rep located somewhere in India told me.

I do not particularly like outsourced overseas customer service centers. Her English was pretty good, though. Like something out of a 1950's British movie set in India.

Bottom line . . . $56.00 for $25.00 in parts that I need and $31.00 in parts that I don't.

At least, now I can get to the patio without walking around the house.