Monday, September 07, 2009

The Learning Channel . . .

. . . or creepshow?

I went out to mow the yard and apparently left the TV The Learning Channel . When I came back in, there was a so-called "documentary" on called Toddlers & Tiaras.

I watched for about five minutes, then had to turn it off. How creepy is it to dress five-year-old girls in big hair and makeup and parade them around on stage? Beyond that, how irresponsible are the mothers who allow it?

It seems to me that the mothers are transposing THEIR needs on their children, and need to get a life of their own. This isn't the equivalent of little league football, scouting or soccer. It's exploitation.

Why would any mother think it's appropriate to dress up her toddler daughter like a ten-dollar hooker? Maybe it's because most of these mothers couln't collect $10.00 themselves. These mothers are irresponsible, and he producers of the show are little more than panderers.

Anyone heard of Jon-Benet Ramsey? Yuck!