Thursday, March 12, 2009

Odds . . .

. . . and ends.

Item the first: Years ago, televisions were connected to antennas, and telephones were connected to cables. Now, televisions are connected to cables, and telephones are connected to antennas. What next?

Item the second: A Londoner was wandering down Brewer street, when he chanced to meet a lady who was apparently an independent contractor. A contract was indeed negotiated, and during it's execution, the Londoner noticed that the lady was rapidly nodding her head. When the contract was completed, the Londoner, expecting an after-action report, asked her if she enjoyed herself. "No, ducks," she said. "You just tucked in a bit o' me scarf."

Item the third: Speaking of Paris fashion (ok, I wasn't, but I am now), Is there a single item in the Alexander McQueen line that you would wear - or reccommend to a lady friend, if you're of the guy persuasion?
In a season so bereft of surprises, the whistles and cheers that rained down on the designer as he took his bows proved just how sorely this level of creativity has been missed.
Creativity? Really?