Friday, January 07, 2011

Plagarism . . .

. . . . with a purpose.

The purpose, obviously, is to illustrate the fact that ignorance knows no bounds.

And, I do give proper credit, so the plagarism thingy should be de minimus, and I claim fair use. If you follow this link, you have the choice of being frightened out of your wits, or laughing until you need a change of undies.

This particular braniac is at post #19. God help us if he has congregation larger than 2.

This is the proper explanation for the tides, unlike the preposterous theory that the moon is somehow involved. Here are three glaring mistakes in the secular scientist's thinking which makes their precious theory fall apart.

1) How can the moon pull water away from the Earth when the Earth has a stronger gravitational pull? One thing that these secularist idiots kept saying in the 3 experiments thread is that the the Earth is a sphere and gravity pulls everything towards the center. Okay, for argument's sake, let's assume that crazy idea is true. So if the Earth, which is much more massive and stronger than the moon, is pulling water towards its center, how can the moon overcome it? We know the Earth is stronger because the moon revolves around us (according to their theory). If the moon was strong enough to create tides, it would mean that the Earth would have to be revolving around the moon. No secular scientist would admit that.

2) How can the moon overcome the sun's gravity, when the sun is even stronger than the Earth? This just gets even more absurd. The Earth is stronger than the moon, but the Sun is stronger than the Earth. How the heck could the tides be created by the moon and not the sun? The scientists will say "Well because it's only 280,000 miles away." (It's actually only about 500). But okay, even at that, it would be the same idea presented in the first question: We would be revolving around the moon if that were the case.

3) If the moon is strong enough to pull water from a far-away planet, how come there is an absence of gravity on the moon? It cannot contain an atmosphere, and if the Apollo hoax is to be believed, you can jump around like bunny rabbits on pogo sticks. The moon is so weak in gravity it can't even hold a 200 lb man to the surface, let alone weightless air particles. Yet, yet, this same object is somehow able to pull billions and billions of cubic tons of water, hundreds of thousand of miles away, and beat the gravitational field of the Earth!

The problem with the above three mistakes is they try to have it both ways in gravity. If object A is more powerful than B, A will exert influence on B, but not the other way around. A smaller object cannot affect a larger object. They say if you jump out of an airplane, it's the Earth's gravity pulling a smaller object (you) to the ground. Well, why don't we affect the Earth's gravity? Why don't we push the Earth back?

The only logical conclusion is that:
- The Earth is flat, like the Bible says.
- The Sun and Moon are both nearby and small objects, about 500 miles away, which revolve around the Earth
- Tides are caused by the Bathtub Theory.

So sayeth the Rev. Jim Osborne.

It was a Barry day . . .
. . . and my birthday

So, what did my cheeky daughter and her evil English husband send me? Don't strain your cervello. I should have seen it coming.

This is the outside.

Diabolical thinkers that they are, they bought it three months in advance because they were afraid it wouldn't be available after the election.

Diabolical, indeed.