Saturday, September 18, 2010

How to . . .

. . . Balance the budget

The U. S. Budget, that is.

Coffman Introduces Federal Furlough Bill to Save Taxpayers $5.5 Billion

Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) this week introduced a bill that would subject federal civilian employees to a two week furlough in 2011. The bill, H.R. 6134, is a one year measure to reduce federal spending and combat the unsustainable deficit spending in Washington.

"I would like to make the U.S. government as cost conscious as the states. My legislation is a start.”

Thank you, Mr. Coffman. You have just confirmed that high altitude kills brain cells, and that your occupancy of an office in the (formerly) hallowed halls of congress is simply a waste of federal administrative space.

Allow me to offer an analogy:

Children, I am sorry to inform you that I have blown my entire paycheck on drink and fast women. We have almost no money for food or fuel, so, Muffy and Billy, you will have to spend two days of each week living elsewhere.

Coffman, let me remind you that this mess was NOT made by the taxpayers. It was made by YOU and your cohorts in congress and the White House. You and your gang of idiots on both sides of the aisle have squandered the wealth and reputation of the United States by paying attention to your ideology instead of your constituency and common sense.

So, instead of bailouts, pork projects, federal give-aways and 2,000 page laws that no one reads or understands, go back to minding the checkbook. Spend our money like it was coming out of your hide. Combat that unsustainable spending by making logical, financially responsible decisions.

Small wonder that the populace is ripe to toss the incumbents’ collective arses into the gutter.

Disclaimer: I am a government employee, AND a taxpayer. I am competent and successful at my job. I can afford the two weeks furlough. That is not the point. Rather it is the pure comedy of the “solutions” these clowns offer.