Sunday, July 11, 2010

LT Dan, what are you doing here . . .

. . . I'm here to try out my sea legs

Sorry. I had to. This is a Naval base after all.

I managed a seat in front, dead center, about 50 feet from the stage. Great view, great sound. However, I violated my cardinal concert rule: "DON'T SIT NEAR AN AISLE!" Especially when it's a kid-friendly concert. It was a minor irritation, though.

To anyone who thinks this is just a pick-up band with minor talent, just put together to satisfy some celebrity's ego trip, there's an exit in the rear. Please take it. Posthaste!

The only members of the band who have any degree of fame are Gary Sinese and Kimo Williams. However, this concert proved to me that there are big talents who don't make the big bucks.

They played everything from Purple Haze to Tuxedo Junction. When is the last time you heard those one after another in the same concert?

Random photos below. No captions, because it's a pain in the ass on Blogger.