Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mosque . . .
. . . redux

Earlier, I expressed concerns about the mosque near ground zero. Now, I have more concerns. Again, I do not disagree with the right to build, but rather with the intent.

The developers behind the Islamic center planned for a site near Ground Zero won't rule out accepting financing from the Mideast -- including from Saudi Arabia and Iran -- as they begin searching for $100 million needed to build the project.

When asked if they would then turn to foreign donors, (Oz) Sultan replied, "I can't comment on that."

Pressed on whether the developers were willing to rule out accepting donations from the governments of Saudi Arabia or Iran, he repeated, "I can't comment on that."

While Barry O may be technically correct that he did not overtly support the mosque, he certainly gave that impression by making a rather strong statement at the Iftar dinner. Combine the timing, the location and the audience, and what other conclusion is to be drawn? Couple that with the apparent need to clarify the day after the feces hit the rotary air mover, and it's classic Obama.

Remove foot from mouth. Clarify. Ready, fire, aim.

At least Hamas is on his side.

Vociferous supporters such as New York's Mayor Bloomberg say we should turn the other cheek, be good hosts, and shut up.

Perhaps, but we are running out of cheeks to turn.

On the other hand, maybe the folks who are driving so hard to build this building, regardless of the concerns of a large constituency, should do some introspection themselves.

I say again. Do they have the right? Absollutely. Should they? I say no.