Monday, January 04, 2010

To the nines?

. . . Perhaps not

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was recently named the worst-dressed man of the year by the British edition of GQ magazine. No mean feat, since his primary competition was French President Nicolas Sarkozy, British comedian Russell Brand, and "Beautiful Leader" Kim Jong-il.

This in the land of Saville Row, bespoke suits and genteel living? Perhaps he should have taken a clue from . . .

Musings . . .
. . . on a quiet Sunday.

Item the first: It's been cold here all week. Not Omaha cold, mind you, but very chilly for someone who has been in Virginia for seven years. It's been around 30F with very high winds, and will drop to 20F tonight. Positive note - no snow.

Item the second: The guy sitting next to us at the movies last night kept bouncing his feet in time with the music, shaking most of the row of chairs. I hope he had restless leg syndrome or some type of palsy. That would relieve me of the necessity to think of him as a total dickhead.

Item the third: While waiting to pick up the new SUV on Thursday, I was killing time by looking over a $50,000 Mustang Cobra GT500KTR on the showroom floor. While I was standing there, a guy walked up and planted his coffee cup on top of the car so he could open the door and look around. Clod. Didn't your momma learn you no manners?

Item the fourth: I only had to work two days last week and three the week before due to the holidays. Because of Mrs. B's cataract surgery, I only have to work 2-1/2 days this week. I could get used to 2.5 day workweeks. Unfortunately, my bank account would eventually complain.

Item the fifth: Changing bank accounts is a PITA. Especially when one sets up the incorrect account number and one's mortgage agency receives a NSF notice. I fixed it with the bank AND the mortgage agency. No harm done.

Item the sixth: I have a total love-hate relationship with our government's so-called pay for performance job appraisal. Hate because it's an administrative nightmare. Love because I did exceptionally well this year. Hence the new SUV.

Item the seventh: Because it was very cold today, and because I had no errands to run, I made a conscious decision to lounge around in my pajamas all day long, and I did. Call me a layabout. I don't care. I still accomplished all that was necessary.

Item the eighth: I telework from home on Monday, so there's no venturing out in the cold tomorrow. Unfortunately, I'm only allowed one day every two weeks.

Henry the eighth: The last season of "The Tudors" starts this spring. Henry has only two more wives to cheat on. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I'm kidding, of course. I watch PBS, I read books, and I've discussed it with Ian. Although, come to think of it, Ian wasn't exactly straight on the relationship between Elizibeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots. We ironed that out over a half-and-half.

OK, I realize that breaks the sequence, but it IS my sequence after all.

Item the ninth: Captain Kirk, I am, I am. (with apologies to Peter Noone). Rember when Kirk - or one of the crew - would say "Computer . . ."? Well, I can do that. The new SUV has a voice-operated "Sync" system by Microsoft. When I punch a switch on the steering wheel, a conversation starts - hands free through a mic in the SUV:

Sync: "Please say a command"
Me: "Phone"
Sync: "Please say a command"
Me: "Call Home"
Sync: "Calling Home"

It connects with my Bluetooth phone and calls home. I converse hands-free, and never have to touch the phone.

Sync also uses voice control for USB devices and other inputs. Maybe I finally need an iPOD?

Item the tenth: Since my hair is practically non-existant cut very short, I bought one of these. Do you think it's too retro?

Tomorrow's a workday. . . and my birthday. Unfortunately, they coincide. Kirk out.