Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Odds 'n ends. . .

How much time do you spend commuting? Here's the setup. I live 23 miles from where I work. That's my choice, so I have to live with it. Between driving to the park & ride and the bus trip to the base, I spend a one hour going and about an hour and a quarter returning.

I have a flex schedule, so I have every other Friday off. Considering that, plus holidays, plus vacation, I make that trip 207 times per year.

When I do the math - 207 days x 2.25 hours/day, that's the equivalent of 58 eight-hour days in transit. Amazing, wot?

It's not wasted, though. It provides some well-needed reading time. On the bus, that is . . . not driving to the park and ride.