Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Island of Dr. Moreau . . .

. . . or, what are our Brit friends up to?

Embryos containing human and animal material have been created in Britain for the first time, a month before the House of Commons votes on new laws to regulate the research.

A team at Newcastle University announced yesterday that it had successfully generated “admixed embryos” by adding human DNA to empty cow eggs in the first experiment of its kind in Britain.

Full story here.

The intent is to develop a method to produce very strong stem cells, and the DNA content of the "cybrid" (cytoplasmic hybrid) is 99% human.

Odd thoughts that occurred to me as I read the article . . .

- Will Victoria's Secret need to develop a line of cybrid bras, and if so, will it have one cup or four?

- Can you now call that ex-wife / ex-girlfriend / obnoxious co-worker an "old cow" and be 99% correct?

- Is this a step in a program to develop self-milking cows?

- By extension, does this explain Wolfman Jack?

I suspect Pope Benedict is having a cow over this.

That is all . . . feel free to comment.