Monday, May 26, 2008

Sometimes, you just want to . . .

. . . raise the WTF flag.

Mexico's deputy attorney general thinks that the U.S. should put more security on the border to halt the flow of guns into Mexico.
Reacting to a vote by U.S. lawmakers to trim an aid package for the drug war, Mexico's deputy attorney general, Jose Luis Santiago Vasconcelos, said an alternative would be to keep the cash in the United States and use it to curb illegal arms trafficking across the border.

"Some of us were talking, remarking that, well, this (sum of money) is all very well, but why don't we tell the Americans they could spend it on their (border security forces) to stop the flow of arms to Mexico," Santiago Vasconcelos said in remarks on local radio distributed by his office on Saturday.

Dude! It's your border also. Maybe Mexico has a little responsibility there too. Oh, and while you're about it, how about shutting down that avalanche of illegals that you actually ENCOURAGE to slip into the U.S.?
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