Sunday, September 06, 2009

Odds . . .

. . . and ends

Item the first - part A: At a little over 32,000 miles, the harmonic balancer on our 2004 Ford Explorer failed. The bill was going to be $680, but our auto insurance partially covers mechanical breakdowns. Final bill - $250. I'm a bit disgusted that it would fail at such a low mileage.

Item the first, part B: The service writer at the Ford garage started to explain the function of a harmonic balancer.
- Him: The harmonic balancer failed, and -
- Me: I assume it was the elastomer between the hub and the outer ring.
- Him: Uh . . . exactly.

Item the second: The church up the street has two signs posted in the parking lot.
- Sunday, September 6 - Blessing of the pets.
- Monday, September 7 - Pig roast
(Uncontrollable laughter was heard coming from George Carlin's casket)

Item the third: On the way home today, I saw two signs on a single post.
- Top sign: SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)
- Bottom sign: Recycling Center
(What exactly are they recycling. I shudder to think)

Item the fourth: The hiring manager from my location promised to call the hiring manager in Naples and suggest that she get on with it and just hire me. We'll see.

Item the fifth: One of Obama's 32 un-elected czars has resigned. Czar is an odd title for Van Jones, an avowed communist. Didn't the communists overthrow the Czar?

That is all. Have a nice labor day.