Saturday, May 23, 2009

Throwing things . . .

. . . at business associates.

Yep. I did.

Well, not on purpose.

It was at a meeting in a very large room full of people, including my Commanding Officer. As other people were presenting projects and being heavily questioned, I was taking notes on how to make a convincing presentation for a project that the Naval station desperately needs.

My ballpoint pen started skipping, then stopped writing altogether.

Of course, the standard solution is to grab said pen by the top end and shake it, hopefully forcing the last of the ink down to the point.

Good idea. Bad execution. That solution works best when one has a firm grasp on the pen. I didn't.

The pen sailed about fifteen feet across the room, and nearly took out the department manager whose project I was was going to present.

Surprised looks all around. Silence.

"Sorry," says I. "My pen stopped writing, and I now I'm pretty sure that wasn't the best way to fix it."

Laughter all around.

My reputation is unsullied.

And the presentation went very well, thank you.