Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rookie driver . . .

. . . in Italy

Son #1 and family spent four days with us starting on 24 JUN. On 28 JUN, they left for Civitivecchia (Port of Rome) to return the rental car and start a Mediterranean cruise. He had me as navigator while driving around Naples, but this was his first attempt without a co-pilot.

Results follow. 
We are on the ship and at sea. No problems getting to the port city...finding way around the port is another issue. All Italian signs. Had to hire a cab for 45E to take us to the ship after getting lost and forced out of town with no turn around due to median, then every intersection had a roundabout with four choices and a GPS that couldn't keep up. It was an adventure.

No surprise there.  No signs.  Signs in Italian (tough for a Texan).  Roundabouts.  Typical crappy GPS maps.

Photos of some of the touristy wanderings to follow. (He has them all on his computer, so it will be a couple of weeks before I see any.)