Thursday, March 25, 2010

If you are a card-carrying liberal . . .

. . . or live in Europe

This will likely cause you to scratch your head - or, perhaps go completely off your nut.

I walk into the post office and place a package on the counter.

Clerk: "Is there anything dangerous or prohibited in your package?"

Me: "No, but it is a rifle that I'm shipping to a licensed dealer."

Clerk: "Is there any ammunition in the package?"

Me: "No, and, of course, the rifle is unloaded."

Clerk: "How do you want to ship it?"

Me: "Priority Mail, insured, with a return receipt."

Clerk: "That will be $XX.XX"

Me: Plopping credit card on the counter.

Clerk: Do you need stamps or anything else?

Me: No, that's all.

Clerk: Thank you, and have a great day.