Friday, February 05, 2010

Bella Napoli . . .

. . . update

I have been neglectful in posting updates, but since only 3 people read my blog, it really doesn't matter in the cosmic scheme of things. Here's the latest:

- All the preliminary paperwork is done, and I actually have travel orders in hand.

- What I do not have in hand is my official (as opposed to tourist) passport and my visto de missione (mission visa). Under the Status of Forces agreement with Italy, I must have both types of passports/visas.

- Tentative entry on duty date is 01 APR, but that can move depending upon receiving the passport and visa. Timing is very tight at this point. I can't book a flight or arrange for shipment/storage of household goods until I have the completed passport in hand.

- The house will be listed for sale by 01 MAR. We sign the papers on Sunday. Cross your fingers for a reasonably quick sale.

I called Naples this morning to ask some questions of the Human Resources Supervisor. She is an Italian citizen and has a very Italian name - but she sounds like Ian.

In a slightly higher register, that is.

Her parents moved to England when she was a small child, and she grew up there, but she's been back in Italy for almost 20 years. She speaks English with an English accent, and Italian with a pure Italian accent.

My brain cannot wrap around that, even after many hours in the company of Rosetta Stone.