Thursday, July 29, 2010

I suspect . . .

. . . that this will not generate sympathy to the cause.

Obviously, this is an attempted protest against the new Arizona immigration law. Attempted, because the brainiac holding it up thirteen stripes with a Buddhist yung drung in the canton instead of the NAZI swastika he thought he created.

This type of unmitigated ignorance is simply unacceptable, and shows how far from a reason this discussion has moved.

This, and the numbingly inane argument that accompanies this mindset, to wit: "We are, after all, a nation of immigrants."

That we are. However, we are not a nation of illegal immigrants. If you can't comprehend that difference, please exit the discussion. You have nothing constructive to add, and I'm tired of your mindless babble.

As of today, our federal government has effectively blocked the Arizona law on the grounds that it usurps federal authority.

Of course it does. When one cannot or will not do one's job, then someone else must step in. The irony of the federal position is mind-numbing.

What, then is the primary driver? To answer a question with a question or two:

1. Which political party receives the majority of votes frim the hispanic community?

2. Which political party stands to gain the most from this position?

3. Which political party is currently in deep doo?

Well, that was three, but draw your own conclusions. I have drawn mine.

Isn't there a law against pandering?