Sunday, August 17, 2008

Opportunities . . .

. . . that don't happen.

Back Here, I mentioned - rather obtusely, I might add - that there may be an interesting opportunity lurking around.

In 2001, the company I worked for hired a new CEO. Anxious to make his imprint, he instituted a profit improvement plan. For the uninitiated, that's corporate code for we need to cut expenses, and the easiest way is eliminating jobs.

Most of the corporate vice-president jobs were cut, and unfortunately mine was one of those. Adding to the "that sucks" column of the ledger was the fact that I would probably have been able to retire about now if I had been able to stay.

After sitting out six months, on my on volition, Mrs. B and I moved to the beach, and I started a new career in military planning with the U. S. Navy. This is a great job. Not only do I have the chance to work at the largest Navy base in the world, what I do is in direct support of our military men and women.

In an unexpected turn of events, in May I received a call from my old company - the CEO, in fact. He was inquiring whether I might be interested in a project manager's job overseas. The benefits are substantial, including 3x my current salary, health insurance, a house, car, phone and living expenses abroad. The net would amount to a little over 4x what I make now.

It wasn't risk-free, however, because the location of the project is Tel Aviv, Israel. From all I hear, Tel Aviv is a great city, and is probably the least risky part of the country.

Mrs. B. and I anticipated a trip to Israel to look things over before committing. However, the opportunity is not likely now. An European company that was looking to exit from the project change it's mind and renewed.

The opportunity is not dead . . . but it at least has a very bad limp.

Sigh . . .