Thursday, September 27, 2012

When Pigs Fly

What I received from Virginia when I registered for an absentee ballot.  I'm a bit pissed that the Virginia election commission shares emails of folks who register, but I have a junk mail filter for trash like this:
Thank you for taking time to vote absentee.  Virginia voters like you will be responsible for the future direction of our country.  Turning Virginia blue this year means sending leaders to Washington who put what’s best for our families ahead of their own political agenda, and turning back the Republican effort to undo the progress we’ve made together over the past four years in health care, women’s rights, rebuilding the economy and ending the war.

This election is a choice between two visions for our country.  Democrats want to continue the policies that have served us so well: investing in education, infrastructure and support for the middle class to grow our economy while reducing our debt responsibly.  Republicans offer a different vision, but one we’ve seen before: cutting taxes for the wealthiest Americans and asking the middle class and the needy to foot the bill through cuts to Medicare, Social Security, education and other priorities that create jobs and opportunity.

Listed below are our Democratic candidates running to make life better for Virginia families.  Before you mark your absentee ballot, please refer to the candidate web sites to read about them.

I urge you to join me in supporting these outstanding Democrats.  For your vote to count, be sure that your absentee ballot reaches the Electoral Board by 7 P.M., Tuesday, November 6.

 As I said . . . when pigs fly.