Saturday, May 07, 2011

Eh . . .

. . . wot?

I know that hats are de regueur at Brit weddings, but when did a hat change from something you wear on your head to something you glue to your forehead?

Unfu**ing . . .

. . . believable

To put a third eye in bin Laden, Barry used intel started by a president whom he vilified, from a place he wanted closed, and gained by using methods he called criminal. Then, he executed with teams that Bubba decimated with cost cuts, was too timid to use, and claimed he lacked the authority to prosecute.  

How are the photos of bin Laden more inflammatory than the 2,000+ he wanted to post from Abu Ghraib?

Oh, and he's willing to publish photos of military coffins arriving home, but not a picture of the architect of 9/11? 

Beyond that, when explaining the raid, his team had about as much discipline as the Three Stooges in a pie fight.

To those who say that Barry did what President Bush could not, think on this.  If Bush had not revitalized the Special Ops forces and established his anti-terrorism doctrine, Barry could not have succeeded.  And, if Bubba had done his job, neither President Bush or Barry would have had to worry about bin Laden.