Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mindless wanderings. . .

. . . almost literally

Item the first: So, I'm sitting in the little white chair thinking about answering an email when I leaned back a little to compose my thoughts.

Well, more than a little.

The chair went over backwards, my keyboard went up in the air, and the arc of the back of my skull intersected exactly with the edge of the little green bench.

Prime evidence how a seemingly innocent little action can have serious consequences. Luckily, I either have a hard head - or a little luck, and am no worse for the wear.

Item the second: Mrs. B and I decided to tune up the kitchen a bit, so I took several days over the last two weeks to tile the backsplash over the counters. The tile isn't grouted in these photos, but you get the idea.

Item the third: The naval station in Naples definitely wants to hire me. We're now talking money. Cross your fingers.

Item the fourth: A Steven Wright moment.
A member of my staff: "HQ is sure handing us a lot of crap to do lately."
Me: "Yep, they're making our jobs excrementally harder."