Monday, April 25, 2011

An elevating start . . .

. . . to my week

Or not.

I leave for work at about 5:45 a.m., and arrive around 6:15.  On most days, there are only a couple of people in the building at that time.

Usually, I use the stairs - exercise, and all that.  Today I was a bit tired because of a big Easter weekend and decided to take the elevator.

It's only one floor, but in the middle of the ride, the elevator lurched, bounced, than ground to a halt.  So, here I am in a stalled elevator.  The building is virtually empty, and all the local Italian employees are on holiday.  And no bars on my cell phone.

Not to worry.  There's a call button - which, luckily, connects directly to base security.  It took a while for security to understand who I was and where I was stuck. 

Guessing it would take a while for the cavalry to arrive, I had just started to sit in the corner with a good book when the doors started to open. 

Special tools?  Electronics?  No.  Just three burly Italians prying the doors open with their bare hands.

It turned out the elevator stalled just four inches from my floor.

No harm, no foul.