Friday, May 08, 2009

My SWB Shirt . . .

. . . was worn out.

So, I ordered another.

SWB is South Wales Borderers, of the Royal Regiment of Wales. Of course, you knew that.

If you didn't, you should have. Didn't you pay attention in history class. Or at least watch "Zulu!"?

Of course, the South Wales Borders hadn't been formed by the time of the Anglo-Zulu war of 1879 (the movie took some liberties). However, 24th (2nd Warwickshire) Regiment of Foot (later becoming the SWB) was active at the time, and made the famous stand against an estimated 4,000 Zulus at Rorke's Drift, Natal, 05 FEB 1879. One of the most amazing and storied defenses against a superior force in modern military history.

Profits from shirt sales go to support the Regiment's museum, so I buy one now and then.

Why am I interested in all this? First, I am a unrepentent student of military history. Second, Lieutenant John Chard, the leader of the contingent at Rorke's Drift, was an engineer. Fancy that. A member of MY chosen profession.