Monday, May 23, 2011

Gates . . .

. . . and walls

Unemployment is very high in Italy in general and Naples in particular.  Europe's open borders are also gateways from contries with even more severe conditions.

The result?  Lots and lots of petty - and not so petty - crime. 

Burglary seems to be the second national sport behind football.  A couple of months ago, two houses less than 200 meters from us had attempted break-ins.  In both, the miscreants made it into the yard, but were unable to enter the houses. 

The response? Alarms and fortifications.  Walls and gates.  The gates range from primitive to decorative.  Electrical, mechanical and manual.  The walls range from modern stonework to medieval bulwarks.  The photos below were taken within ten-minutes walk from our house.

We're well alarmed and well fortified, but it's a bit sad that these precautions are necessary.  What's even sadder is that we're not allowed to cudgel the living bejesus out of anyone we find wandering around in our living room.