Thursday, February 18, 2010

Random thoughts . . .

. . . for a Thursday.

(Before it even went on listing)
Reality sets in . . .

We listed the house on Tuesday.
A couple walked through on Wednesday.
They walked through again today.
The realtor will present us with an offer tonight.

Item the first: It's been a while since I posted. However, since I only have three readers, I'm not particularly worried.

Item the second: We hosted The Barkers for several days over the weekend. We ate too much, talked for hours, failed miserably at making a black and tan, walked on the beach (and froze), watched the sharks (in the aquarium, not on the beach), wandered around much of Virginia Beach, and generally had a great time.

Ian kept commenting about how our back roads reminded him of rural England - except for driving on the wrong side of the road. We even showed him a minor roundabout.

We found a store with Tetley in stock, and I learned to make a proper cup (milk, no sugar, thank you). At least it passed Ian's rigorous inspection.

Déjà vu moment: Lisa living in a bedroom, upstairs, IN OUR HOUSE. Although it hasn't been that way for many, many years, it seemed so very normal.

We miss them already.

Item the third: Our passports arrived, so the move to Naples actually has a touch of reality. There is a "FOR SALE" sign in our front yard. It doesn't get more real than that. A couple toured the house yesterday, and are coming back for a second visit today.

Item the fourth: The house is all rearranged and orderly for viewing by potential buyers. If we had to keep it this way all the time, we both would go totally, completely insane. My garage, however, is a total wreck. It needs attention this weekend.