Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I have concerns . . .

. . . about the mosque near ground zero.

In preface, I will state that I am sickened by the overt displays of bigotry by some of those opposing this project. However, I am still saddened that the project will most likely proceed as planned.

My concern is not about religion, freedom of speech or human rights. It is about common sense and sensitivity.

Let me draw a parallel. Might we establish a Department of Defense school named after Harry Truman in Hiroshima? That would not be well received. Similarly, we decided not send the Truman, Eisenhower or Roosevelt to Japan when the Kitty Hawk was retired. We sent the Washington, becuse we felt to do otherwise would be insensitive.

How magnanamous would it be for the imam of this congregation to say, "We understand the level of emotion associated with ground zero, and out of respect for those feelings, we will locate our mosque elsewhere."

Instead, there is a legal battle forcing the issue. I do not contest the congregation's right to do so, but which approach would be more likely to engender understanding and respect?