Friday, June 04, 2010

Plus . . .

. . . and minus.

Plus: Our Ford Escape arrived today, exactly on time.

Plus: It was in exactly the same condition as when it was shipped. Not a ding or dent or scratch.

Minus: When I went to the depot to pick it up, the very nice lady at the front counter said: "We'll inspect it right after he hoses off the dust." Before I could say NOOOOOOO, I heard the spray from the hosed. Why would I say NOOOOOOOO, you ask? Well, because the water at NSA Naples is full of minerals. The water is so hard that you can drive nails with it. The water is so hard that it will stand up without a glass around it. Result? Sun-baked mineral spots everywhere. Everywhere on the new wax job I painstakingly completed the day before we shipped.

Plus: That aside, we finally have a comfortable, reliable vehicle to use.

Minus: The day before the car arrived, I received a recall notice in the mail.

Plus: Our express shipment also arrived today. It was shipped by air freight so we would receive it quickly.

Minus: It took one day longer by air than the car did by boat.

Minus: The shipping companies don't use wardrobes for clothes any longer. They take up too much room. So, how do they ship items like dress shirts and suits? They roll them up arond the hangars and toss them in the bottom of a packing box. Marino wool suits wrapped up like a painter's drop cloth and buried in a carton. Nice.

Plus: Uncle Sugar will pay for the laundry and drycleaning.