Friday, February 13, 2009

What I did today . . .

a. Juggled Excel spreadsheets all day at work until my eyes crossed. Why? Because the government funding for building maintenance and repair at the Naval base partially depends on my sharply honed analytical skills.

b. Tried to deal with our health insurance company because bills for routine tests run by our doctor are never properly coded. The lab then thinks we're not insured, and they bill us separately. Every time. They eventually fix it, but they still do it again. Every time.

c. Posted a recipe for sweet bread dough on Pinkjellybaby's blog because she's been jonesing for frosted buns.

d. Made four sleeves for a couple of reproduction shirts from the 1860's that I'm sewing from left-over fabric from my Civil War reenactment days. Why? Idle hands and all that. Really, though, I hated to see authentic loom-woven, hand dyed cloth go to waste, and I can probably sell them if I choose.

e. Rebuilt an AK-47 (the preferred weapon of your enemy, according to Clint Eastwood) with a new hammer, sear, trigger and gas piston. Why? Idle hands again, I guess. In any case it needed some work. Don't worry. It's not a machine gun. It's just a rifle that Mr. Clinton tried to ban because it looks nasty.
How about you?