Saturday, September 03, 2011

A cyber-friend of mine had to take custody of his two granddauters ( 3 and 4) because of the mother's mistreatment.  The mother was divorced, but shared custody of the girls.  One of the little girls ended up in the hospital showing bruising and malnutrition.  My friend, his wife and their son intervened and gained custody of the girls.  My friend posted the following:

We had a lot of "moments" during the last week, but a couple last night when we had both girls safely with us at a motel in [redacted] really brought up evidence of what condition and how much healing time it's going to take.... [redacted], the older girl, was sitting on Grandma's lap last night and asked Grandma if she had food in her house. Grandma assured her she had food, the [redacted] asked what Grandma was going to do when the food was gone and Grandma of course told her she'd go to the store and get more..... Then [redacted] asked if this meant here and "Sissy" would get to eat every day!!!!!  Kind of a real eye opener on just how tough these two little angels have had things when they're not even sure there is going to be food for them to eat....and on the way home one of our stops was at McDonalds (of course) for some lunch. [redacted] sat across the table from [redacted] when we were eating and her first question was if all this food (Cheeseburger, fries, and milk) was just for her....and could she eat it all now or did she have to save some of it for tomorrow!!!! A child not yet 3 years old should never have to worry about when their next meal is coming!!!!
A good ending, but heart-rending to read.