Monday, September 01, 2008

Where's Bulldog ? . . .

. . . Gone to Texas.

Last Wednesday, Mrs. B. and I hopped on the big silver bird and flew to Dallas to visit son #1 (J) and family. Since arriving, we have done absolutely nothing productive - which I consider to be an excellent plan.

On Saturday afternoon, we were treated to a trip to Medieval Times. I'm sure our Brit friends would find it a bit hokey, but it was fun. Food with no utensils, jousting, duels, fair maids, busty serving wenches. Brennig would have appreciated the fact that the knights rode Andalusian horses.

A side benefit (perhaps to the backside also) is that J is a very accomplished baker. We have hot scones available every morning, and he's made lemon cookies, snickerdoodles, and a great birthday cake for Mrs. B. She's 29 again. I don't know if gen-you-wine Brit scones are better than J's, but if they are, I'm booking passage next week.

Photos later . . . when I tire of sitting by the pool with my feet up and reading a novel.