Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mrs. Bulldog . . .

. . . got fixed today. No, not THAT. She has had carpal tunnel syndrome, predominately in her right front paw. She had to go through some non-invasive treatment first (our insurance company's requirement), which mostly involved wrist braces. That didn't work, and before she was cleared for surgery, it became quite a bit worse - including some deterioration of muscles in her hand.

We showed up at a new, and very nicely run ambulatory surgery center at 0600 this morning, and she was out by 0730. The surgeon said it was a simple surgery, and that it went quite well. Although, he would have liked to have taken care of it quite a bit sooner. As it is, it may take six months to get most of the strength back in her hand.

She doesn't seem to have much pain, although I suspect Tylox has a role in that.

This is how they do it, although I don't believe her incision is that severe. We will find out Saturday when the dressing comes off.

In any case, I have KP duty for a while - not that I mind. She would do the same for me . . . and has.